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    All, Would anyone happen to know where this infographic came from/who created it? Hoping to cite the source correctly.  (If I'm missing something obvious, I apologize.) Not familiar with AML. Please email  alc321@live.com directly with any leads.  ...

  • Do you find yourself reading   American Archivist   or   Archival Outlook   only online? Now you can "go green" and opt out of the print version of these publications. By doing so, you'll help SAA reduce our costs and climate impact-it's a win-win! ...

  • _____________________________________________ From: Rachael Woody via Society of American Archivists < Mail@ConnectedCommunity.org > Sent: Wednesday, April 1, 2020 10:09 AM To: Smith, Laura < smithle@ohio.edu > Subject: [SAA announcements] ...

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