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Two Recent Reviews of "Archival Virtue"

  • 1.  Two Recent Reviews of "Archival Virtue"

    Posted Jul 28, 2022 05:03 PM

    Archival Virtue: Relationship, Obligation, and the Just Archives by Scott Cline (SAA, 2021) is reviewed in the most recent issues of Journal of Western Archives and American Archivist. In the Journal of Western Archives, J. Gordon Daines III writes, "Archival Virtue is the beginning of an important conversation in the archival profession. It begins to elucidate a framework for thinking about what it means to be an archivist and why we should engage with the world in particular ways. It also begins to provide a rationale for archival engagement in social justice and the building of a moral order. This book should be required reading for all archivists."

    In American Archivist, Ted Lee writes, "Cline's contribution to the continuing discussion on archival ethics, social justice in the archives, and critical archival theory from an openly spiritual lens is a unique approach that deserves serious consideration. His description of archival faith and the archives as a spiritual force for change adds new dimensions to these current issues. Cline's religiously inspired rhetoric may be uncomfortable for the secular professional world, but his attempts to re-enchant archival work with an active, spiritual facet is a thoughtful antidote to professional archivy's typically unfeeling, bureaucratic, and abstract worldview."

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