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Reintroducing the Buddy Program and the Rideshare/Roomshare Program

  • 1.  Reintroducing the Buddy Program and the Rideshare/Roomshare Program

    Posted May 24, 2023 04:34 PM

    Registration for the Society of American Archivists (SAA) and the Council of State Archivists (CoSA) joint annual conference, ARCHIVES * RECORDS 2023, is already underway. This year's meeting–which will be hybrid–will be held at the Washington Hilton in Washington D.C. from July 26-July 29, 2023. 

    Going to national conferences can be overwhelming, especially for students and early-career professionals. SNAP is here to help! This year, we've revived past programs implemented by SNAP, including the Buddy Program and the Rideshare/Roomshare Program, to make initial connections and plan activities, meals, or accommodations with other conference attendees. 

    In the Buddy Program, participants can use the "Meeting Planning" tab to gauge initial interest in activities or meals. Once a meet-up has been scheduled, use the "Scheduled Meet-up" tab to allow others to join. We recommend keeping groups under five participants so as to not overwhelm wait staff. Access the Buddy Program spreadsheet.

    For ride and room shares, participants can use the "Seeking" tab to indicate they are looking for someone to carpool or room with (potentially someone local or who has already booked their accommodations). Use the "Offering" tab if you are a local and have a car or room to provide, or if you've already booked accommodations and have a spare bed! Participants who have yet to plan accommodations might want to use the "Halvsies" tab to find someone to partner up with to book a room or travel tickets. Access the Ride and Room Shares spreadsheet

    Note: These spreadsheets are for informational use only. This is not a matching service; you are responsible for using the information on these spreadsheets to make plans and connections with your fellow conference attendees. SNAP, SNAP officers and SAA are not responsible for or endorse the contents of these spreadsheets or any actions which result from their use. Please use good judgment and common sense when reaching out to strangers.


    Curious about this year's programming? View the conference schedule 

    Register for in-person and virtual attendance here. Early registration prices are offered if you register by June 15, 2023. SAA student members receive a discounted registration price regardless of the date they registered. 

    If you're attending for the first time or looking for ways to get more out of the conference, consider signing up for the Navigator Program! This short-term networking opportunity matches experienced Annual Meeting attendees with newer attendees. Sign up to be a Navigatee by June 2, 2023:

    Happy conferencing! 

    Nicole Font (she/her)
    SAA SNAP Steering Committee