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Last Call For Nominations: SNAP 2023 Election

  • 1.  Last Call For Nominations: SNAP 2023 Election

    Posted May 25, 2023 04:39 PM

    Help shape the future of the Society of American Archivists' Students and New Professionals Section (SNAP)! 

    The SAA-SNAP Section provides educational outreach that furthers professional development, dialogue, and engagement. We host educational and networking webinars, twitter-chats, and other events; oversee the development and dialogue on our SNAP blog; help raise awareness of SAA's vast professional resources (career development webinars, resume reviews, mentoring, job and internship boards, etc.); and engage with SAA Student Chapters.

    As an SAA-SNAP Section Committee member, you can help shape this dialogue and learn how to organize and host an educational event, engage leading professionals in conversation, build your professional network, and discover more about the workings of your profession. In the coming service term, you will be able to help us chart a new path for engaging with SAA student chapters, and continue to grow and develop our robust programming options for the SNAP community. As a member of the Steering Committee, you can expect to attend 1-hour virtual meetings, held monthly, and dedicate roughly 1-4 hours a month to committee duties.

    Please note that available positions include both elected and appointed positions, and you may choose to nominate yourself or others for any position. We strongly encourage students to nominate themselves for the SNAP Steering Committee if interested. Those running for Steering Committee (Elected) positions will see their name and statement on a ballot from the SAA, which is voted upon electronically by SNAP members in July, annually. Those nominated for Ex-Officio (Appointed) positions will be contacted by the SNAP Chair. Duties will begin following the close of the 2023 SAA Annual Meeting. The SNAP Steering Committee is currently seeking candidates to fill vacancies for the following roles. 

    • 1 Vice Chair/Chair-Elect (elected, 2-year term of service): The position of Vice Chair/Chair-Elect is a 2-year commitment, serving one year as the Vice Chair and the subsequent year as the Chair. In the first year, the Vice Chair/Chair-Elect will assist the Chair in the operation of the section, serve as acting chair in the absence of the chair, and participate as a member of the steering committee. ai

    • 3 Steering Committee Members (elected, 1-year term of service): Members of the Steering Committee will provide leadership to and share information with section members; identify and appoint ex-officio members to the steering committee; solicit input from members; organize section elections and voting; and appoint temporary and/or permanent committees as needed.

    • 1 Secretary (elected, 1-year term of service): The secretary will serve as the official record keeper of the section and be responsible for compiling and sharing minutes from SNAP's monthly meetings and the Section Annual Meeting.

    • Social Media/Web/Blog Coordinator (Ex-Officio, may be more than 1 position): The Blog and Web Team work on the SNAP Roundtable blog (maintaining the SNAP blog, setting editorial direction and calls for writers, managing posts, etc.), maintain the SNAP presence on the SAA site, and promote SNAP events on social media. Additionally, every SNAP Committee Member is welcome to contribute editorial ideas and content to the blog!

    For more information on SNAP's structure and standing rules, election timelines, position descriptions, and more, please see our blog at

    If interested, please complete this form by May 26, 2023 at 11:59pm PST:

    If you have any questions, please contact SNAP Chair Marissa Friedman or Vice-Chair Bailey Adolph at

    Nicole Font (she/her)
    Levy Grant Processing Archivist
    Center for Brooklyn History, Brooklyn Public Library
    128 Pierrepont Street
    Brooklyn, NY 11201