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Congratulations to SAA's 2022 Appointees!

  • 1.  Congratulations to SAA's 2022 Appointees!

    Posted Sep 15, 2022 04:36 PM

    After receiving an overwhelming response to this year’s call for volunteers, SAA Vice President/President-Elect Terry Baxter is pleased to announce the following appointments to SAA groups. With assistance from the 2022 Appointments Committee and consultation with appointed group leaders, Baxter completed the nearly 100 appointments in July. All new terms began in August at the conclusion of the 2022 SAA Annual Meeting.

    Join us in congratulating these newly appointed SAA leaders!

    American Archivist Editorial Board
    Rebecca Hankins
    Bree'ya Brown (Early-Career Member)
    Amanda Greenwood (Early-Career Member)

    Awards Committee
    Jane LaBarbara (Co-Chair)

    Brenda S. Banks Travel Award
    Jane Cross
    C.F.W. Coker Award
    Kayla Harris
    Distinguished Service Award
    Veronica Denison
    Diversity Award
    Sarah Tanner
    Mark A. Greene Emerging Leader Award
    Tyler Cline
    Josephine Forman Scholarship
    Carrie Schwier
    Gerald Ham and Elsie Ham Scholarship
    Barbara Teague
    Philip M. Hamer-Elizabeth Hamer Kegan Award
    Alexander Hughes
    Oliver Wendell Holmes Award
    Susan Swiatosz
    Archival Innovator Award
    Lisa Vallen
    J. Franklin Jameson Archival Advocacy Award
    Robert Perret
    Sister M. Claude Lane, O.P., Memorial Award
    Claire Jenkins
    Waldo Gifford Leland Award
    Lori Dedeyan
    Audra Eagle Yun
    Mosaic Scholarship
    Valerie Gillispie (Chair)
    Tara Maharjan
    William Modrow
    Theodore Calvin Pease Award
    James Lowry
    Donald Peterson Student Travel Award
    Megan Mummey
    Harold T. Pinkett Minority Student Award
    Jessica Tai
    Fellows' Ernst Posner Award
    Jeanette Bastian
    Preservation Publication Award
    Sawyer Magnus
    Matthew Golebiewski
    Spotlight Award
    Virginia Millington

    Committee on Education
    Courtney Bailey (Vice Chair/Chair-Elect)
    Scott Keefer
    Tywanna Whorley
    Katherine Wisser
    Ashley Todd-Diaz
    Mara Gregory (Early-Career Member)

    Digital Archives Specialist Subcommittee
    Katherine Fisher (Vice Chair/Chair-Elect)
    Nolan Eller
    Ryan Leimkuehler
    Krista Oldham

    Graduate Archival Education Subcommittee
    Weatherly Stephan (Vice Chair/Chair-Elect)
    Karen Gracy
    Jesse Johnston

    Committee on Ethics and Professional Conduct
    Nikki Lynn Thomas (Co-chair)
    Ashley Williams
    Grace Munoz (Early-Career Member)

    Committee on Public Awareness
    Anna Trammell (Vice Chair/Chair-Elect)
    Kristianna Chanda
    Laura LaPlaca
    Andrew Weymouth
    Kelsie Dalton (Early-Career Member)

    Committee on Public Policy
    Brad Houston (Co-chair)
    Gina Nichols*
    Daniel Noonan
    Dennis Riley
    Shachar Kafka (Early-Career Member)
    Jessie Knoles (Early-Career Member)

    Committee on Research, Data, and Assessment
    Sarah Pratt Martin (Co-chair)
    Jane Fiegal
    Chris Marino
    Jennifer Gunter King* (ex officio)
    Lulu Zilinskas (Early-Career Member)
    Jordan Meyerl (Early-Career Member, Research Forum)

    Crisis, Disaster, and Tragedy Response Working Group
    Chrystal Carpenter
    Scott Grimwood*
    Robin Hutchinson
    Lori Myers-Steele*
    Rebecca Tinker (Early-Career Member)

    Dictionary Working Group
    Cliff Hight*
    Geof Huth*
    Daria Labinsky
    Cheryl Oestreicher
    Dawn Schmitz*
    Margery Sly*
    Shannon Walker

    Diversity Committee
    Kristen Chinery (Vice Chair/Chair-Elect)
    Judy Tyrus
    Mariah Isbell (Early-Career Member)

    Finance Committee
    Donna McCrea

    2023 Host Committee
    Michelle Ganz (Co-chair)
    Mitch Toda (Co-chair)
    (Full committee TBD)

    Membership Committee
    Natalie Johnson (Vice Chair/Chair-Elect)
    Alexandra deGraffenreid
    Anastasia Karel
    Heather Perez
    Emily Lempka (Early-Career Member)

    2023 Program Committee 
    Maria Matienzo (Co-chair)
    Shannon O'Neill (Co-chair)
    Cara Bertram
    Carrie Daniels
    Marcella Huggard
    Warren Lambert
    Jennifer Langford
    Julia Larson
    Katie McCormick
    Grace McGann
    Elizabeth Nosari
    Miriam Diane Sappington
    Gina Rappaport

    Publications Board
    Chaeyeon Kim (Early-Career Member)

    Standards Committee
    Jodi Allison-Bunnell (Co-chair)
    Heather Lember
    Susan Luftschein
    Wendy Pflug*

    Technical Subcommittee on Describing Archives: A Content Standard (TS-DACS)
    Regine Heberlein (Co-chair)
    Kelli Bogan
    Erin McBrien
    Donnelly Walton*
    Matthew Gorham* (ex officio)
    Hollis Wittman (Early-Career Member)

    Technical Subcommittee on Encoded Archival Standards (TS-EAS)
    Karin Bredenberg* (Co-chair)
    Martin Critelli
    Marie Elia
    "Ellen" Yanlin Li
    Lori Lindberg
    Silke Jagodinski* (ex officio)
    Sarah Cruz (Early-Career Member)


    *Denotes a reappointment.

    SAA Headquarters
    Society of American Archivists
    Chicago IL