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Call to individuals providing care: Participate in 1:1 interviews

  • 1.  Call to individuals providing care: Participate in 1:1 interviews

    Posted Sep 13, 2022 04:41 PM

    Dear colleagues,

    In the winter of 2019 we published an article on the Cost of Care in the Journal of Western Archives [], and followed up with a survey in January 2021 to collect data on issues of caregiving which we intentionally defined as broadly as possible to include "any person who takes care of another person, young, old or sick." This could be as intimate as caring for an elder relative in their home; financially supporting or making arrangements for adult care for an aging parent or friend; or raising children.


    The survey results have been illuminating but there are still questions that could not be answered with the existing data we collected.


    We are seeking individuals with caregiving responsibility to participate in virtual 1:1 interviews that will last 30-45 minutes. Questions will address the nuanced impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on caregiving, any pressures to return to work, and other outside commitments. Your participation will help further our understanding of this important issue and help influence and inform discussions happening within the profession.*


    If you are interested in participating please respond by September 30th. You can fill out the following form and we will be in touch the first week of October.


    Thank you again for your consideration!

    Alexis Braun Marks, Rachael Dreyer, Jennifer Johnson and Michelle Sweetser


    *Please note that this research is not being conducted on behalf of, or funded by, any single organization.

    Michelle Sweetser
    Head Librarian
    Center for Archival Collections
    Bowling Green State University
    1001 E. Wooster St.
    Bowling Green, OH 43403