SAA Lone Arrangers Section (2022 Meeting)


When:  Aug 9, 2022 from 01:00 PM to 02:30 PM (CT)


We will begin with a business meeting and introduction of the Steering Committee. Learn more about what the Lone Arrangers Section has to offer, from the Regional Representatives program to the SOLO newsletter, and our Events program. The business meeting will be followed by a year-in-review roundtable participatory discussion led by our Steering Committee. Attendee input and questions are welcome!

00:00-05 – Introduction, Outgoing Chair, Katrina

00:05-10 – Updates & Year in Review, Katrina

00:10-15 – LAS Events Review & Highlights, Rebecca

00:15-20 – Regional Representative Programs, Julie

00:20-25 – LAS Web Resources Updates, Margaret

00:25-30 – SOLO Newsletter Highlights, Katy

00:30-35 – SAA Council Liaison Announcements, Melissa

00:35-40 – Election Results, Incoming Chair, Micaela

00:40-45 – LAS 2022/23 Future Plans, Micaela

00:45-59 – State of the Lone Arranger? RoundTable Discussion

01:00-15 – Discussion Wrap-Up, LAS Q&A, and Close of Meeting

Live (Will Be Recorded)

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