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Web Archiving Section Call for Steering Committee Members!

  • 1.  Web Archiving Section Call for Steering Committee Members!

    Posted Jun 23, 2022 04:43 PM


    The Web Archiving Section is excited to accept nominations for the following Steering Committee positions for the 2022-2023 year!

    • Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect
    • Secretary
    • Communications Manager
    • Education Coordinator
    • Student Member

    If you or someone you know would like to run for a position on the the Web Archiving Section Steering Committee please fill out this form by June 29, 2022 with the following:​

    • Candidate Name
    • Job Title and Institution, if applicable
    • Bio and Candidate Statement (1-2 paragraphs)
    • Title of Steering Committee position sought

    Position descriptions can be found below. Please keep in mind that membership in the Web Archiving Section is required in order to participate in elections through candidacy or casting a ballot. You may only run for one position. To learn more about the Web Archiving Section, check out the Web Archiving Section microsite and the Web Archiving Section blog

    We look forward to hearing from you!

    Position Descriptions:

    Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect: The Vice Chair serves for two years, the first year as Chair-Elect and the second year as Chair.

    • Supports duties and responsibilities of the Chair as assigned.
    • Operates as acting Chair in the absence of the Chair.
    • Serves as member of the Steering Committee.
    • Fulfills all responsibilities specified in Section IX: Sections of the SAA Governance Manual.

    Secretary (two-year term)

    • In consultation with Chair and Vice Chair establishes all Steering Committee meetings.
    • Calls for and distributes agenda items for Steering Committee meetings. 
    • Records meeting minutes and distributes them to the Steering Committee. 
    • Serves as member of the Steering Committee.

    Education Coordinator (two-year term)

    • Serves as the section's liaison to SAA Education Committee.
    • Arranges informal online meet-ups for members.
    • Prepares educational experiences, such as guest speakers, etc.
    • Serves as member of the Steering Committee.

    Communications Manager (one-year term)

    • Maintains and updates the section's microsite, blog, and Twitter feed.
    • Keeps section's email list recipients informed on section news, events, and regular activities.
    • Serve as a member of the Steering Committee. 

    Student Member (one-year term)

    • Serves as a liaison to SAA student chapters and groups. 
    • Serves as a member of the Steering Committee. 
    • Must be an actively enrolled student and student member of SAA at the time of election.

    Melissa Wertheimer
    Music Reference Specialist, Library of Congress
    Chair, SAA Web Archiving Section