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Call for WARs Steering Committee Nominations!

  • 1.  Call for WARs Steering Committee Nominations!

    Posted May 16, 2022 04:30 PM

    Hello! This is a call for nominations for open positions on the Women's Archivist Section for upcoming elections. We hope you will consider running!

    The Women's Archivist Section (WARs) is seeking nominations and self-nominations for two positions on the Section's steering committee:

    • Co-Chair:  two-year term, with one year served as a junior co-chair, the following year as a senior co-chair
    • Steering Committee:  four positions, for a three-year term

    Who should consider serving?  Any member of both SAA and WARs who is interested in issues that affect the status of women within the profession and the Society, and who wishes to be involved with encouraging the participation of women in all phases of SAA business and other activities and in the archival profession as a whole.

    What does it involve?  In addition to preparing the contents of the Section's annual meeting, members of the steering committee seek creative ways to create a positive environment for women throughout SAA and the profession, identify and look for ways to bring women's professional archival issues forward for consideration, make recommendations to Council, and participate in creating reports, surveys, and other formal documentation to move the work of the section forward. The time commitment would involve once quarterly meetings with the committee and co-chairs.

    What should I do if I'm interested?  If you would like to nominate yourself or a colleague, please contact the WARs co-chairs listed below, to submit a nomination or to find out more information.  The deadline for submitting nominations is Friday May 27, 2022 with candidate statements to be sent to SAA in early June, and electronic balloting to be held in late June or early July, with results to be announced at our virtual annual meeting in August.

    Thanks very much for your consideration!

    kYmberly Keeton,  
    Michelle Pollock,

    Michelle Sayers
    Processing Team Supervisor
    Church History Library, Church of Jesus Christ | 801-240-8112