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CFP for ACRL Webinar: Bridging Content Divides

  • 1.  CFP for ACRL Webinar: Bridging Content Divides

    Posted Dec 15, 2021 12:43 PM

    Sharing the below on behalf of a colleague:

    Dear Colleagues,


    Have your materials lists for classes gone hybrid? Do you mingle circulating materials with special collections? Do you showcase digital content along with physical objects?


    If so, please consider participating as a speaker for an upcoming ACRL two-part webinar series – Bridging Content Divides in Primary Source Instruction, organized by the Teaching the Teacher subgroup of the RBMS Instruction and Outreach Committee. In these webinars, we'll explore ways to cross the constructed gaps between digital and physical materials, special and general collections, in the service of providing our instructors and students a broader exposure to the sources available to them. The two webinars are tentatively booked for February and March, respectively.


    If interested, please email me directly (anna.franz at


    With thanks,



    On behalf of Teaching the Teacher, RBMS-IOC