Join the Professional Writers Virtual Group!

  • 1.  Join the Professional Writers Virtual Group!

    Posted Aug 19, 2019 04:01 PM

    Greetings fellow archivists,

    We are proud to announce a whole new way for Archivists to meet ad a whole new group to turn to for support…

    Welcome to the Professional Writers Virtual Group!

    This is an online-only group dedicated to the act of professional writing. It is a group that is under the auspices of the Society of American Archivists – and open to SAA members as well as non-SAA affiliated people.

    Our goal to create a space where people can come together to support each other through the professional writing process. In the coming weeks we will be uploading basic resources to the document library, highlighting lesser-known opportunities to publish, and activities to help you go from idea to published piece.

    To join to the virtual group just go to your Connect homepage and scroll down the Professional Writers Virtual Group and click join. Once you've joined you can send a message to the list at this address:

     The Connect page also has a Shared Files folder that includes the group's mission statement, some resources, and a list of places to publish.

    The most important part of this group will be the listserv. This is our mechanism to communicate – and we envision the conversations to be frequent and fruitful. Like all SAA lists, the PWVG is a safe space where you can ask any questions you have about professional writing and get the help you need.

    The group is open to people who have published, who haven't published but are interested, people who have ideas but need writing partners, those on the tenure track who need a mentor, or anyone who is interested in Professional Writing.

    Stay tuned for more information, and happy writing!

    Michelle, Rebecca, Alison, and Josh


    Michelle Ganz
    Archives Director
    McDonough Innovation

    Alison Stankrauff
    University Archivist
    Wayne State University

    Rebecca Hankins
    Associate Professor
    Africana and Women's & Gender Studies Archivist/Librarian/Curator
    Texas A&M University

    Joshua Kitchens
    Director, Master of Archival Studies Program
    Clayton State University


    Michelle Ganz, MLIS CA
    Archives Director
    McDonough Innovation
    Charlottesville, VA