Local Government Records Section Nominations

  • 1.  Local Government Records Section Nominations

    Posted Jun 09, 2020 04:39 PM

    Hello LGRS members--

    Thank you for being present with our section during these times. The Local Government Records Steering Committee is seeking nominations for three section leadership positions:

    Vice Chair/Chair-Elect (1, for a two-year term)

    Steering Committee members (2, for a three-year term)

    To be eligible for nomination, candidates must be individual or institutional members of SAA and the Local Government Records Section at the time of election. You are not required to attend the 2020 Annual Meeting to be considered.

    We would love to hear nominations from under-represented regions this year, including the West, Midwest, and Southwest. If you have been looking to get more involved with your section, push new initiatives or networking activities for fellow local government archivists, please consider nominating yourself or a colleague.

    Nominations have been extended to June 15th in order to hand over responsibilities at the virtual SAA meeting this summer.


    Description of Open Positions and Duties:

    Vice Chair/Chair-Elect (One): 
    Serves as Vice Chair for one year, from the end of the 2020 SAA meeting through the 2021 meeting.

    The Vice Chair/Chair-Elect shall be elected annually for a two-year term, serving in year one as Vice Chair and in year two as Chair. 

    The Vice Chair/Chair-Elect assists the Chair in all activities, conducts nomination and election communication, serves as acting Chair in the absence of the Chair, and participates as a member of the Steering Committee in all its activities.

    Steering Committee members (Two members): Steering Committee members serve for three years, from the end of the 2020 SAA meeting through the 2023 meeting.

    The Steering Committee may consist of at least four members, serving for a three-year term, and shall be appointed by the Chair and Vice Chair on a rotating basis as needed. Appointments of steering committee members will ideally include a diverse membership in repository type (state, county, city) and geographic location.

    The Steering Committee assists activities and furthers the objectives of the section. Committee members may help set the agenda for the year, contribute to the section's official email discussion list as needed, contribute to planning the annual meeting of the section, and promote SAA program sessions sponsored by the section.

    If you are interested in running for election or would like to nominate someone, please email your name or your colleague's name, institutional affiliation, and e-mail address to: LGRS Chair Emily Gonzalez,

    ***The deadline for nominations is June 15th, 2020***

    If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email Amanda Fallis, LGRS Vice Chair/Chair-Elect, or Chair Emily Gonzalez, .

    Thank you,

    Amanda Fallis
    LGRS Vice Chair/Chair-Elect

    Amanda Fallis
    Librarian / Archivist II
    New Orleans Public Library