• 1.  JCAS - Books for Review

    Posted Jun 15, 2020 04:28 PM

    The Journal of Contemporary Archival Studies (JCAS) seeks book reviewers who are looking to engage with the professional literature. Below is a list of books currently available for review. Sign up by Monday, June 22!


    1. Documenting Rebellions: A Study of Four Lesbian and Gay Archives, by Rebecka Taves Sheffield

    2. Archives and Special Collections as Sites of Contestation, edited by Mary Kandiuk

    3. Advocacy and Awareness for Archivists, by Kathleen D. Roe 


    If you would like to cover one of these titles, please email the journal at and include [Book Reviews] in the subject line of your message. Please note in your response 1.) your affiliation and preferred email address 2.) if your subject background or expertise matches the subject matter of the book, and 3.) your preferred mailing address for review copies.


    For more information about being a book reviewer for JCAS, visit:


    Monika Lehman

    Book Review Editor, JCAS