NEW SAA COURSE: Introduction to Financial Management in the Archives NOW AVAILABLE ON-DEMAND

  • 1.  NEW SAA COURSE: Introduction to Financial Management in the Archives NOW AVAILABLE ON-DEMAND

    Posted 12 days ago

    Designed for staff and volunteers of all abilities and organizations of all sizes, this four-session course provides an accessible, clear, and even fun introduction to financial concepts. From understanding expenses and income to how to establish an endowment, this course will equip you with a toolkit to engage with finance on your terms and to your ability.

    Over the four sessions, students will participate in dynamic discussions, review relevant and timely readings, and ultimately build a real, usable budget tailored to their organization's needs.  

    About the Course:

    The course is divided into four sessions, each accompanied by an online lesson, forum, live lesson or office hours, and assignment. We will follow this schedule:

    • Session 1: Introduction to financial terminology and reporting systems
    • Session 2: Understanding earned, contributed, and investment income; UBIT
    • Session 3: Understanding expenses, cost projections and analysis
    • Session 4: The relationship between finance and mission relevance; financial health

    Upon completing the course, you will be able to:

    • Understand processes related to budgets and basic financial systems in accordance with best practices.
    • Understand institutional financial planning, goal-setting, and analysis.
    • Bridge mission- and non-mission-based activities with financial outcomes.
    • Feel more comfortable and better equipped to create operational and special project budgets.

    Who Should Attend:

    Archivists, librarians, staff, managers who provide any type of information services.

    What You Should Already Know: 

    No prior experience is necessary.


    SAA Headquarters
    Society of American Archivists
    Chicago IL