World Backup Day March 31, 2021

  • 1.  World Backup Day March 31, 2021

    Posted 19 days ago

    [Cross posting to a few sections, announcements, and SAA leaders who may feel it worth highlighting for groups.]


    Wednesday, 31 March 2021 is World Backup Day. Referring to making secure, accessible, integrity assured, backups of your information, not changing one's direction. While this has always been focused on digital assets, whether databases, images, other document forms, or something else, it may also be a good time to apply to analog and physical items.


    Flooding and storm damage has hit our area as well as others in the past weeks, and we are expecting some more in a day or two. (Our road just opened up completely yesterday, and before that I had to be guided out by sheriffs dept or county EMA personnel). This makes people think backups. Emergencies often do that. Better before they come.


    The World Backup Day Website is not using SSL verification and encryption (which, ironically, is a reason for people having to use backups in the first place).

    It is just my (Jim Havron) opinion, but a cybersecurity professional one, that it may not be the best source of information around the days that cybercriminals (criminal hackers) know will likely be its heaviest traffic time.


    A good alternative for information connected with World Backup Day is

    Our sites and messages are well peppered with information on specifics, and there are publications in the bookstore, and our references for preservation, electronic records, security, and other places within the SAA connection are abundant.




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